Country Showcase

Highlighting trade and investment opportunities.

Why is this relevant to the industry right now?

The global mining community relies heavily on an active investor community, enhanced Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) capabilities, a strong skills market, and best practice sharing of operations and processes. All of these contribute to the successful promotion of trade and investment opportunities that allow the industry to grow. This means there is so much to see and learn from mining jurisdictions around the world, especially from countries like Peru, Chile, Mexico, India, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, and parts of Africa, where trade and investment is high on the agenda. Existing opportunities within Australian mining states also provide strong trade and investment opportunities as new exploration commitments are opened, METS collaboration and investment are key focuses, and where mining partnerships are formed.

What will this conference theme cover?

IMARC’s Country Showcase will individually showcase the requirements, opportunities, and capabilities from various mining countries around the world, highlighting how attendees can engage and collaborate with these jurisdictions to benefit from international opportunities. Countries keen to showcase their trade and investment opportunities will be invited to develop content within the program, complementing their country pavilion stands on the IMARC exhibition floor.

What will they leave having learnt/achieved?

With over 90 countries in attendance at IMARC, attending or being part of the Country Showcase will allow you to see what various global mining countries are doing within their jurisdictions, and then connect with them on the exhibition floor. This is your chance to gain insights into mining opportunities from around the globe.

Who is this relevant for?

  • Governments, associations, chambers of commerce, and business councils looking to showcase their mining jurisdictions, capabilities and investment opportunities on the global stage.
  • Mining companies, investors, METS companies, and governments looking to gain an understanding of available international opportunities.