Doing things differently, and doing different things

Why is this relevant to the industry right now?

Today’s rapid pace has resulted in significant changes in technological advancements, bringing to light the importance of innovation and approaching operations and business in different ways.

Adopting creative approaches to processes are prevalent in many industries, such as manufacturing and defence, both of which are innovating at a rapid pace. The mining sector now finds itself in a prime position to promote industry-born innovations and advancements as miners, governments research organisations and Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) companies increasingly collaborate and cooperate to do things differently

Increased concern around sustainability is driving a requirement to change the way the mining industry currently operates. Rising operating costs, sustainability priorities, and the rapid progression of technology are all propelling companies to transition towards more innovative solutions.

What will this conference theme cover?

Innovation is an overarching theme and will be covered throughout all sessions during the conference. Dedicated sessions will look at the innovations currently being implemented by miners, initiatives being undertaken by METS and research organisations to further develop capabilities that match requirements, and the creative solutions that smaller players - such as start-ups and scale-ups, are bringing to the industry.

What will they leave having learnt/achieved?

You will walk away from these sessions with a new perspective on how to approach change and development within your company, as well as a strong understanding of what capabilities are available to meet certain business and operational requirements. You’ll also gain a better understanding of how people, culture and technology work together to promote innovation, collaboratively.