People and Culture

Attracting talent, upskilling employees, and embracing diversity and inclusiveness

Why is this relevant to the industry right now?

In many areas of the mining supply chain, skills that are required for innovation and technological manipulation don’t yet exist, meaning that the industry is often not able to align itself with the technological requirements of today, or the future.

However, while there is an apparent need to upskill the current workforce and engage the workforce of the future, the industry is also competing with many similar industries requiring these same or similar technological skills, many of whom do not face the same reputational issues as the mining industry. As the mining industry continues to face challenges with managing an ageing workforce and skills gap issues, companies are having to redevelop and implement their workforce plans to not only be more attractive, but also more inclusive.

What will this conference theme cover?

The People and Culture sessions will discuss how organisations are currently attracting the required talent and new skills required to build its future workforce, whilst further understanding what is being done to upskill current employees. It will also highlight the benefits of workplace diversity and inclusion and how this is being measured by proactive, change management implementation results, and tips on how to engage and empower the next generation.

What will they leave having learnt/achieved?

You will walk away from these sessions with a strong understanding and practical advice for developing attraction and retention strategies. Attendees will learn from other companies that have successfully developed and implemented plans to upskill workforces, taking away the knowledge to measure the effectiveness of your own diversity strategy.

Who is this relevant for?

  • Anyone working in HR, people and performance, recruitment, diversity, talent, graduate programs, or change and culture within mining, energy or METS companies
  • Anyone managing operations, workforce, or transformation initiatives within mining, energy or METS companies
  • Academics and research organisations
  • Training and employment agencies
  • Change management consultants
  • Recruitment companies