Technology and Equipment

Maximising profit, reducing risk, transforming operations

Why is this relevant to the industry right now?

At IMARC 2019, participants identified digital transformation as their number one business priority. Implementation, challenges and opportunities with analytics, automation, and AI, as well as integration, connectivity and simulation were all flagged as key business priorities.

The need for transformation has been aligned with requirements to maximise profit, reduce risk, and streamline operations. Leading resource companies including BHP, Rio Tinto, Fortescue Metals, and South32 have all identified that technology will be at the forefront of their long-term development plans; especially where technology and equipment implementation and use is aligned with sustainability and shared value priorities.

Technology, as well as equipment modernisation, has helped to make the industry safer, more predictable, and more focussed than ever before. Posing the question to miners and Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) companies, what current and future capabilities will meet these ever-changing requirements, and how are they being applied across operations?

What will this conference theme cover?

The Technology and Equipment: Maximising profit, reducing risk, transforming operations conference will explore the technologies, machineries, and equipment used to explore, develop, and process metals and minerals. Digital, data, analytics, AI, automation, remote operating systems, robotics, driverless trucks, sensors, and drones are just some of the technologies that will be explored in more detail.

Trends such as the future of electrification in mines and the digital twin will also be covered in dedicated sessions.

What will they leave having learnt/achieved?

Attendees will gain access to global mining case studies from the miners and METS perspectives, as well as research organisations that are focusing on advancements and applications of technologies and modern equipment. These sessions will allow you to understand what others are doing as part of their digital transformation journey, who they’re collaborating with, and apply what best practices have been learnt so far.

Who is this relevant for?

  • Technology, technical services, mining engineers, transformation leaders and innovation executives within mining, contracting, and engineering companies
  • Procurement, purchasing, supply and contract managers within mining, contracting and engineering companies
  • METS companies
  • Academics and research organisations looking to see the latest in mining technology and equipment