The METS Arena

Showcasing innovations, solutions, and capabilities.

Why is this relevant to the industry right now?

A surge in mining and exploration activities, growing developments and adoption of advanced technologies, and identified challenges in operations and processing have all contributed to a major market expansion for the global Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) market. In Australia alone, growth of the METS sector is estimated to add more than $50 billion to the economy by 2030.

As a result of the above, mining companies are now benefiting from the adoption of wearable technologies, drones, automated vehicles, and robotics, to name a few, allowing for a competitive advantage in the market.

With so many innovative solutions and companies entering the market every day, how can mining companies get a strong understanding of which companies would be best partners for their company?

What will this conference theme cover?

Situated in the middle of the exhibition floor and open to all attendees, The METS Arena will showcase innovations, solutions and capabilities from METS companies, including Australian METS, start-ups and scale-ups, as well as IMARC exhibitors. METS Companies will demonstrate their solutions through 10-minute spotlight presentations providing a demo, case study or a TED-Style talk.

What will they leave having learnt/achieved?

You’ll see and experience demonstrations of some of the latest technologies and solutions changing the game in mining.

Who is this relevant for?

  • Technology, technical services, mining engineers, transformation leaders and innovation executives within mining, contracting, and engineering companies
  • Procurement, purchasing, supply and contract managers within mining, contracting and engineering companies
  • Academics and research organisations looking to see the latest in mining technology
  • METS companies looking to collaborate with other METS companies
  • Venture capital, angel investors, and tech investors looking to invest in start-up and scale-up opportunities