Transforming the Energy Mix

The clean energy transition

Why is this relevant to the industry right now?

Domestic debate in Australia over coal production and use is ongoing, especially with ageing coal fired plants, the rise in renewable energy opportunities and benefits, and public and investor sentiment. The question is not “if” companies will make the clean energy transition, but more when, and how.

Australia’s skyrocketing energy prices, partly due to rising commodity costs for natural gas and black coal, and its energy transition towards cleaner power, have seen mining and energy companies seriously consider their green transformation. Coupled with these factors, is the important notion that solar and wind prices are the lowest they’ve ever been. Governments across Australia are also heavily invested in these renewable energy projects, specifically solar, wind and hydrogen; with many partnerships being formed across government and industry.

In 2018, 38 large-scale renewable projects were completed in Australia, doubling investment in clean energy projects to $20 billion. The positive outlook for large-scale renewable projects continued into 2019 with a further 87 large-scale renewable energy projects financially committed or under construction. The growth of future energy and the clean energy transition are predicted to continue throughout 2020.

In mining specifically, there has been a flurry of renewables activity with a range of miners throughout Australia investing in renewable projects or signed PPAs with solar or wind IPPs. Joining advanced projects by Gold Fields Australia and Sandfire Resources, are Fortescue Metals, Rio Tinto and IGO, to name a few. Whilst contentious, industry must come together to discuss the clean energy transition and its impact on creating a sustainable future.

What will this conference theme cover?

With the above at hand, Transforming the Energy Mix sessions will showcase renewables, including solar, wind and hydrogen projects that have had success in Australia and overseas. Discussions will also revolve around the opportunities and challenges of the transition to clean energy for mining companies, and the downstream benefits of this transition for Australia’s climate change goals.

Showcasing low emission technologies and clean energy solutions, this session will also look at international demand vs Australia’s own supply and demand of renewable energy.

What will they leave having learnt/achieved?

You’ll walk away having heard case studies that provide examples of how these renewable projects have been successful and what benefits can be gained from the green transformation. Gain insights into what different technologies and solutions can be implemented to reduce emissions and contribute to carbon neutralisation by attending these sessions.

Who is this relevant for?

  • People interested in the development and/or use of renewable energy in the mining and energy space
  • Providers of solar, wind and hydrogen energies
  • Mining and energy companies
  • Companies transitioning from coal use to other cleaner alternatives
  • Investors, financiers and analysts
  • Government, researchers, and consortium’s
  • Technology, equipment and servicing companies that assist in the production of renewable energy, or whom use renewables
  • Technology, equipment and servicing companies that develop clean energy solutions/options