Gary Slater

Gary Slater

Newcrest Mining

Digital and Data Science Solution Architect

Gary has over 18 years’ experience working with data and data analytics; including data administration, solution design and development, through to architecture design, strategic development and delivery.

After leaving the military in South Africa, He spent 5 years in the UK, as part of a team developing BMW’s vehicle sales and maintenance systems. From there he has gained experience in the online casino industry working for a company based in the Isle of Man, to developing the apprentice system for the Housing Industry Association in Australia. Gary has also led a team of developers to deliver a regional, platform solution for the NSW Department of Education which finally led him to the Resource sector.

He has been with Newcrest for the last 8 years and has gained deep insights into both production processes and the underpinning data that drives productivity. In his current role, Gary is leading a team to deliver Digital solutions and a platform that underpins Newcrest’s digital transformation strategy.

By leveraging the latest Digital technologies, advanced analytics and machine learning concepts and methodologies, and partnering with leading AI companies both in Israel and Australia, he has a proven track record for driving the delivery of tangible value for Newcrest.