Tori Osborne

Tori Osborne

VRIFY Technology

Director of Operations

Tori is currently Director of Operations at VRIFY, a technology platform being used by some of the world’s most prominent mining companies to communicate their value to the modern day investor with 3D models, virtual tours, and interactive presentation tools. 

Having led teams across a range of industries, she brings a forward-looking perspective to a traditional sector and is inspired by the possibilities technology presents for informing better investment decisions.

Attention spans are shrinking, yet companies continue to present information the same way they did 30 years ago. Recognizing that people process information differently today than they ever have before, Tori believes the time was yesterday for resource companies to start leveraging technology to communicate with investors in a way that reflects the true value of their story, not just the 2D version. 

Tori will be speaking at IMARC about the investment pitch of tomorrow and VRIFY’s mission to redefine the traditional company-investor relationship.