Aerzen is a world leader in the production of single and twin shaft rotary machines. Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH is over 150 years old and has supplied thousands of blowers, compressor and gas meters to all parts of the world.

Our range of quality twin shaft machines include: Rotary Lobe Blowers upto to 20,000 m3/hr and 1 barg, Oil Free Screw Compressors upto 15,000 m3/hr and 3.5 barg and Delta Hybrid Lobe Compressor units for flow rates upto 4,200 m3/hr and 1.5 barg. Our single Stage Turbo blowers for flow rate upto 8,400 m3/hr and 1 barg.

The GM range of rotary lobe blowers have proven themselves in many heavy duty applications for many years. Our VM range of oil free screw compressors are also widely regarded in industry for providing reliable and efficient oil for process applications. The Hybrid range of rotary lobe compressors was introduced to the market over 10 years ago to provide higher pressure possibilities and higher efficiencies when compared to traditional lobe blowers.

The Aerzen worldwide subsidiary network has expanded to over 43 operations around the world with the main production facility located in Aerzen, Germany. Aerzen Australia, is a wholly owned subsidiary, offers engineering, sales and service support for our complete range of machines. Head office is in Melbourne, with offices in Perth and Auckland, New Zealand. We also have representation in all states of Australia and include coverage for surrounding countries such as: New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea and Fiji. With our network, Aerzen technical personnel are never too far away.

Aerzen blowers and compressors are extensively used in many minerals processing applications. Anywhere that the process requires 100% oil free conveyance of air we can certainly provide a high efficiency, robust machine with proven reliability.

Whether the air requirement is for pneumatic transfer applications, back pulsing filter units, air slide applications or combustion air, we have the range to fulfil most applications. Machine packages can be tailored to meet the site requirements. Acoustic considerations, instrumentation, control cabinets for motor starters and variable speed drives can be included in machine supply.

Process Gas Applications are also covered by our extensive range of machines. We can offer oil free or oil flooded solutions for a wide range of gas handling applications. Machine packages are tailored to suit your project requirements. Design standards such as ASME, API, AS1210 and others can all be considered. Local and international electrical standards are also referenced for our process gas machine packages.

Aerzen latest Generation 5 Delta blower assemblies incorporate the patented Aerzen low-pulse three lobe blower and a reactive discharge silencer without any internal acoustic material ensuring no product contamination from deteriorating material. The pivoting motor base design provides for improved belt life. The Aerzen G5 blower units are available with or without acoustic enclosures.

The all new Aerzen Delta Hybrid lobe compressors provides for increased pressure capabilities and improved efficiencies.

If 100% oil free air is important to your process, then Aerzen has the equipment for your application.

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