Founded in 2016, Chrysos Corporation brings together a team of leading scientists, engineers and experienced industry executives to commercialise the revolutionary PhotonAssay technology. Originally developed over 15 years by the CSIRO, PhotonAssay uses high-energy X-rays to automatically analyse gold and other elements in bulk mineral samples. Chrysos is developing platforms to provide non-destructive, fast and accurate analysis in the bureau laboratory, at the mine-site and in the field.

The ability to assay levels of gold and other valuable metals in mineral ores and process materials is essential for exploration, resource definition, mine planning and process control. Gold has traditionally been analysed using chemical methods, notably fire assay, which are labour-intensive, time-consuming and involve the use of toxic or hazardous reagents.

Chrysos Corporation is commercialising an alternative approach. Based on the principles of photon activation analysis, the method uses a high-power, high-energy X-ray source to excite nuclear changes in any gold atoms present in a sample, and then measures a characteristic signature emitted by these atoms. The process is non-destructive, rapid, highly specific and capable of providing a true-bulk analysis of samples weighing 500 g or more down to a detection limit of 0.03 ppm.

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