Dyno Nobel is a global leader in commercial explosives, creating and investing in solutions to help our customers remain competitive. We know the explosives industry and we’re driving new ways of thinking. Our history is connected to nearly every significant breakthrough in explosives technology.

In the 1860’s, Alfred Nobel, a Swedish inventor with 355 patents, developed and produced revolutionary and safer explosives products including dynamite and blasting caps.

Today, Dyno Nobel continues this tradition of safety and practical innovation. Dyno Nobel provides explosives products and blasting services, which combine to deliver groundbreaking performance for our customers.

With an emphasis on safety, this wealth of explosives expertise is embedded in more than 3,000 employees working around the globe.

Blasting is the first step to extracting the minerals that are essential to many of the products and resources essential for today’s lifestyle.

Dyno Nobel provides customer solutions through our people, our products, and our services. Our blasters are among the most highly trained in the industry. Dyno Nobel provides a full range of reliable explosives products from manufacturing plants around the world, and blasting services from a distribution network unmatched in the industry. Our R&D is focused on practical ways to use new technologies to benefit our customers.

Dyno Nobel are proud to be Silver Sponsors of the International Mining and Resources Conference and will be showcasing their latest products and services on the exhibition floor. Register your complimentary expo pass now.