Electric Vehicle Systems & Technology
Established in 2014, Electric Vehicle Systems & Technology business is predicated on achieving commercially significant improvements in so-called “mature” products.
Today we are driven to make battery-electric drive systems more affordable, robust and much safer, while also reducing industry’s carbon footprint.
Our Products

Our Ultra-Low-Voltage technology yields Electric Drive Systems that are safer, simpler and better than the conventional high-voltage approach can deliver.


Electric Vehicle Systems & Technology drives operate at the voltage of a single electrochemical cell, without voltage conversion. All electrical hazards are removed.

The difference in hazard level between our technology and common EV drive systems using main battery voltages of 400 volts and above is difficult to overstate. As newer applications using higher voltages enter the market, this difference only increases. Ignoring all other advantages, these avoided risks, alone, are a sufficient reason to consider our systems.


The simplicity of our design approach extends to the whole drive system. As the motor connects directly onto the DC bus at cell voltage, no voltage changes are required, eliminating the usual associated losses, simplifying design and reducing cost.


The simplicity of our technology allows the design of drive systems from 0.1 to 1000kW that are robust and reliable, with multi-redundant elements, and a real degree of “”future-proofing””. Our drives are:

Highly Robust
Loss of a battery, battery circuit or motor element causes only partial performance degradation. This “soft-fail” characteristic means our systems will keep operating long after a typical HV system would have failed.

All our drive systems use analog controls for robust performance and to remove technology obsolesce risks. No software licenses or programming tools are required to support the system, so our systems should still be serviceable several decades from now. Our systems are also inherently “”hack-proof””.

User Serviceable
The use of single-cell parallel batteries means cells and main system elements can be swapped in the field with simple tools, offering high levels of serviceability. Cells can safely be removed and replaced while the system is live.

Our systems can concurrently use batteries of different states of charge, different capacities and different chemistries, and with full efficiency. Together with the ability for user battery swapping, this provides a simple upgrade path when new batteries and battery types become available.

So, if you have an application that previously seemed too risky for an electric drive solution, we can show you an alternative approach.

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