Glyde is an IoT smart lock with data at the edge.

From humble origins as a research project in 2010 to figure out how to reduce energy consumption per room in a mining village (Searipple) in Karratha Western Australia. Glyde has grown into a complete guest experience and village management product vertically aligned with owners current and future organisational objectives as well as guests/employees rights and expectations in a technologically changing landscape.

Early on in the research phase, it was realised that a system such as Glyde, could have greater impact than just keyless entry and air conditioner management. Now in 2018 that vision has been verified by companies such as Google and Amazon, very data heavy companies that have competing products like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to manage households, Glyde is along the same line without the multi billion dollar company backing, designed to help manage accommodation villages and pooling data from a multitude of points for the betterment of guest/employee experience.

Glyde benefits: Energy saved per room per manday, savings on staffing hours required for check in/out, lost keys, facilities access requests, maintenance on in room assets, transit time of staff to/in between rooms for any circumstance. Savings on in room asset life.

Glyde exposure benefit: Use of Passive Messaging to raise awareness of any number of camp/community issues or functions, presentation of guest/facility patterns not obvious pre Glyde, understanding of guest/staff movement within the camp to allow for informed improvement decisions.

Searipple Village in Karratha is owned by Fleetwood and has Glyde installed in over 600 rooms. Glyde has been able to reduce energy wasted in the rooms and allows guests to move seamlessly throughout the camp and to their room. Glyde has drastically reduced admin burden for key and room allocation and has increased guest happiness.

With the rapid changes in our everyday lives due to the influx of ever smarter and more passively assistive technologies, it is easily quantified that this should translate to Accommodation Villages that house FIFO workers. With a skills shortage ever present, Glyde is there to help create a “home away from home” whilst still making an intelligent and rationale value proposition for installation into any existing and new villages.

Glyde is a Fleetwood Australia company.

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