Interlate is a data business,  transforming the mining sector by harnessing the power of connected machines, tightly integrated with expert human skills and world-leading technical innovation in creating predictable outcomes, reducing operating risk and increasing productivity. Interlate aims to prevent production interruptions and optimise production output by uncovering hidden value in real time while our expertise unlocks the potential for additional cash flow.

Interlate Improves The Productivity Of Mines In Real-time:

Interlate applies a differentiated suite of technology and analytical solutions that could be implemented quickly with little or no additional capital expenditure.
To improve the productivity of mines, Interlate uses its Galaxy Engine which is hypervariate analytical platform that is capable of processing millions of data points across discrete operating scenarios simultaneously at great speed. Interlate combined this capability with subject matter expertise and site operating context to develop analytical tools that could be used to optimise throughput and yield.

Interlate’s Galaxy Engine plugs into the site databases in real-time and continuously monitors operational data. This process provides productivity insights on the spot, boosting value by up to 15%. Once Galaxy Engine has learned how to improve operations, it uses advanced prediction to anticipate and then mitigate future productivity losses. This sustains the life of the operation; all without additional capital investment.

Interlate’s Sustainable Productivity Solutions Optimise Workflow and Performance Of Mine Sites:

Interlate’s sustainable solutions stabilise output and improve the performance of mine plants worldwide through the provision of expert decision-making support, real-time productivity monitoring (24/7), targeted productivity improvement projects (12-24 weeks), and a perpetual productivity guardian that prevents the decay of improvements.

Interlate maintains an operational culture that allows Interlate to act as an extension of site teams, integrating and collaborating seamlessly and solving problems in real-time. Interlate provides sites with an additional layer of decision-making support that, over time, will embed knowledge into the technical teams.

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