Intrepid Geophysics has provided software and services for potential field geophysics and integrated geology for more than 35 years. Intrepid Geophysics now develops and commercialises three software products: INTREPIDTM GeoModellerTM and JetStreamTM

Our deliverables are clear and comprehensive

We develop software products for advanced potential field geophysics processing, and for building implicit 3D geology models constrained by raw and integrated data sources.

Our products can perform: QAQC, processing, interpretation, integrated 3D geological & geophysical modelling, and 2D/3D geophysical forward modelling and litho-constrained stochastic inverse modelling, .. and include world-renowned, product-wide support for full tensor gradiometry both as a signal type and the components.

Highlighted core and optional modules

  • Building of implicit 3D geological models from an intuitive user-workspace
  • Support for geothermal modelling, semi and fully unstructured mesh export, micro-seismic events records visualisation & filtering
  • A single-workflow wizard for marine gravity processing (“Sea-g” offering near real-time, rapid and easy QC, and data reduction)
  • Forward 3D geophysical modelling (direct from your 3D geology model)
  • Litho-constrained stochastic geophysical inversion (jointly referencing multiple geophysics datasets) – for superior geological validation and for guiding siesmic survey planning
  • 2.5D inversions of your airborne EM data (by Service, using our in-house MOKSHA code)

We also provide Solution and Training Services customised to suit your needs, employing any combination of our software codes, .. and working with your project-based data, or our standard tutorials & data sets, as required.

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