IsoMetrix is the world’s most versatile Health, Safety, Environmental and Social Management system, designed specifically for the mining industry. Our platform’s competitive advantage lies in its unique ability to relate all HSES processes to a central risk and compliance management framework. It is this integration and analysis between HSES processes that delivers our customers the continuous learning so essential to an effective HSES management system.

IsoMetrix develops, deploys and supports systems that integrate critical HSES processes such as risk assessment, bowties, critical control monitoring, regulatory and environmental compliance, occupational health and hygiene, incident and investigation, auditing, inspections, environmental monitoring, stakeholder engagement, socio economic development, training, contractor management and many more.

All these HSES processes are tied together using the “IsoMetrix Golden Threads”. These Golden Threads are what allows IsoMetrix to relate HSES process to risk and compliance analysis and deliver continuous learning. Customer learning via IsoMetrix is presented on the IsoMetrix business intelligence layer, which breaks down analytics by each critical process and relates it to risk and compliance using our Golden Threads. With IsoMetrix continuous learning in place, customers can, for example, see in real time the impact any event has on their current risk profiling.

Deployment & Support

IsoMetrix runs on web and mobile and is hosted in the cloud with world class security layers that protect customer data, whilst maximising accessibility and data visibility across internal and, where appropriate, external stakeholders.

The IsoMetrix next generation technology connects with third party IoT data sources such as regulatory compliance obligation libraries, or drone sensor driven environmental monitoring data, to ensure each HSES system reflects critical information in real-time.

IsoMetrix consults with each customer to tailor the out of box functionality to suit each organisation’s existing processes whilst still delivering:

  • Measurable return on investment
  • Significant improvements in HSES risk management
  • Continuous learning and improvement

IsoMetrix is an agile application framework. Every field on every form can be configured through front-end drag-and-drop build objects.

IsoMetrix offers pre-configured Solution Templates, solutions built according to best practices and twenty years of “workshopping” the software with customers around the globe. These Solution Templates form the front-end of our suite of HSES risk and compliance integrated solutions. These templates are configured through the same drag-and-drop build objects described above and are used as a starting point in our project implementations. Customers vary in their appetite for changing these templates, however regardless of the time it takes to deliver each customer the IsoMetrix platform they need, we always follow the same tried and tested delivery methodology. At IsoMetrix, we strongly believe in delivering efficiency but also recognise that an HSES implementation cannot be rushed and needs to be well documented, carefully executed and comprehensively tested to ensure a successful implementation first time.

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