Japan Radio Co (JRC) is a leader in the fields of communications and information technology. Known as “JRC Technology” since our inception in 1915 we have garnered an abundance of knowledge and technology. We operate in three business unit, Marine Electronic, Communication and Solutions – creating a new world of communications from people to people and to our society and world through products, services and solutions with the core values that is expected from JRC.

Our Private 4G LTE and Critical Communications 4G LTE technology that we will be demonstrating at IMARC falls under our Solutions business unit.

Our Private 4G LTE and Critical Communications 4G LTE technologies are reliable, scalable and affordable, which makes it an ideal option for:
● Mine sites, underground and opencast.
● Critical communication networks, that can be set up and running within minutes.

Our unique propriety 4G LTE features are:
● Our multi LTE bubble feature, provides an in-band link automatically when overlapping allowing users between cellular bubbles to communicate.
● Our Layer 3 Relay feature allows both capacity and coverage expansion and frequency shifting

Japan Radio Co will showcase their latest technologies and innovations on the expo floor at the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC). Register your free expo pass now.