The Resolution Systems team developed MaxMine as a tool to help operational leaders see how their team and assets are performing so they can confidently focus their attention on the things that add the most value to their business. MaxMine is an automated business improvement tool that is the next generation in mining optimisation and has been cleverly designed by miners for miners.

MaxMine clients initially talk about their challenges and what areas they’re feeling frustrated in. Generally, they’ll raise some of the common problems found in the mining industry, like;

  • Early tyre failures
  • Low productivity
  • High variation in operator behaviour
  • Low equipment availability
  • Long diagnostic timelines
  • Lengthy maintenance reports that are difficult to understand
  • Low operator engagement
  • Frustrated leaders
  • Inaccurate data etc.

Our clients also tell us how they plan to fix the issues by sharing their improvement plans that they have underway. MaxMine helps leaders to take the guess work out of their improvement plans so they can clearly identify and focus on the areas that will have the greatest impact. Leaders can then maintain and sustain an improvement using the MaxMine system while allowing them to move onto the next project that has the most impact.

No doubt, the list of improvements can feel overwhelming and can leave the best of us wondering how we’ll find the time to implement. The team at Resolution Systems understands that technology is only part of the solution. We know you want great results and they really happen from within the implementation process – that’s where the rubber really hits the road.  Together, with our clients we take a broader view of the operation and ensure that an effective launch pad is built to create and sustain the change for the longevity of your business, people and assets.

MaxMine will be showcasing their latest innovations and products on the exhibition floor at the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC). Register your complimentary expo pass now.