Meet the Mercedes-Benz G Professional. In its element on land, on water and sometimes even in the air, the G-Class has been displaying its legendary character on all types of terrain since 1979. Delivering typical Mercedes-Benz qualities in its own inimitable way, the “G” is an intriguing formula for individual and professional solutions on wheels and exceptional performance, even under the toughest and most difficult of conditions.

Bold corners and edges characterise its distinctive form, beneath which beats the heart of a no-nonsense cross-country vehicle. First-class technology, robust design and impressive longevity are the traits that make the G-Class a true Mercedes, capable of meeting any challenge head-on.

The “G” displays all the qualities that our customers have relied on since 1979, especially on difficult terrain. The vehicle is thoroughly tested on our specially designed off-road circuits. Despite the vast array of vehicle variants and possible applications, there is always one common denominator: the ability to deliver outstanding performance – everywhere and in every situation.

Whether it be patrolling road traffic or responding to emergencies, not only the police force and fire brigade know they can count on the “G” when it matters.

Many armies place their trust in the G-Class for ensuring the mobility and safety of their staff all over the world.

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