MineExcellence provides innovative technology for drill, blast, minesafety and drone data analytics. We offer SaaS and Mobile based platform which provides all intelligence in the hands of average miner, supervisors and senior mine management. Innovative technology that make the use of the latest innovations of GIS, Drone data and optimization algorithms. MineExcellence platform can result in significant benefits operationally and eliminate potential risks / problems during mining operations such as drilling and blasting. The platform is currently used by Tier-1 large mining company’s cross mines, small mining companies at individual mines and drilling and blasting contractors around the world.

Blasting : We provide an integrated web and mobile platform for blasting lifecycle – blast design, blast data collection, optimization and advanced analysis, Predictors (fragmentation, air/ground, pattern simulation) etc. It contains detailed analytics, a management portal and a module to compare actuals v/s predicted results for vibration and fragmentation.

Drilling : Solutions for drilling contractors and mining companies – Enable data capture in the field -eliminating trip to office or dual entry in the office. Saving time in invoicing and provides data analysis /reporting ability on key drilling processes.  It is web and mobile based hence does not require any inhouse Technology (servers /backups ) and it is available at a monthly per rig cost. Plod Reports, Pre Starts, Drill Logs , Reporting, safety checklists, basic invoicing/payroll etc:  We also provide a drilling optimization platform which integrates with device on the machine.

Drone Data Analytics : MineExcellence’s drone platform enables companies to get valuable business information out of drone data with a ready knowledgeable team to support them through the process.

Mine Safety Platform: mine safety is an integrated web and mobile-based platform to ensure safety and compliance at different stages of mining operations. Features such as safety checklists, ability to access safety manuals in the field, recording site Inspections, Hazard assessments, safety /clearance predictors, equipment monitoring, training and keep emergency medical history.

Digital Mine Platform : Digital Mine platform enables digitization of various mining operations via audit and safety checklists.

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