Mineral Assurance is developing a global, Blockchain-driven, data economy that leads the mining ecosystem towards constructive stakeholder collaboration.


  • Mineral Project Financing
  • Data Exchange
  • Mineral Resource Index
  • Exploration Data Validation
  • Smart Contracts Registry
  • Blockchain-Based Registry Services
  • Licensing Automation Services
  • Data Aggregation Services
  • Data Enrichment Marketplace
  • Business Solutions App Store

Mineral Assurance rewards industry participants for contributing to a co-operative platform that drives sustainable financial, environmental and social outcomes.

Mineral Assurance is building the perfect map of the world’s mineral resources.

We are interested in speaking with Investors, Government (Local, State, Federal & Foreign), Geologists, Mining Companies and Project Owners.

Mineral Assurance will be showcasing their latest innovations and services on the exhibition floor at the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC). Register your free expo pass now.