Mining Plus applies a combination of technical expertise and practical experience to your exploration and mining projects with an attitude of “getting it right the first time”. We pride ourselves in providing tailored services to meet your requirements and expectations through the delivery of detailed, accurate and timely information. We can help you define a corporate goal or maiden resource, provide fit for purpose mine design, or help you operate your mine. With a proven track record in delivering innovative and practical solutions, our ultimate goal is to deliver value to your project.

Over many years Mining Plus has adopted the attitude of “get it right the first time”. This attitude has been realised by seeing project value eroded by decisions being made due to cost alone.

Our Core Services, offered in our disciplines of Mining Engineering, Geology and Geotechnical Engineering, are Define, Design and Operate.

Define – The process of defining a corporate strategy, or exploration program, can be blinding. This is not something that can be contracted out, but having a partner assist in their development can make the process clearer.

Plan – With advancements in technology, it is now possible to produce a block model, design, sequence and schedule for a mining project at all study levels so the mining strategy can be demonstrated to the board or potential investors. This no longer takes hundreds of hours of digitising; adding significant value to the project. Mining Plus understands that the study process is about de-risking a mining project.

Operate – Mining Plus offers a unique position; we will take our plans through to operations. We don’t run away before the result is obtained, we want to be there with you for the mining experience because we love mining and stand behind our work. Whether it is Define, Design and Operate on a full tribute model, partnering to provide a higher value management and operations team, or providing key team members for your operation, we are flexible in assisting your operation. Offering these alternatives can open up opportunities at a site or company level.

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