The Ministry of Energy and Industry and Mineral Resources is working on the development of mineral resources from the pillars of the kingdom’s vision (2030) through driving investment force in order to diversify the economy and based on this vision of the future, the site allows the investor access to information, data and reports in order to create an attractive investment climate characterized by transparency and facilitating procedures.

The site contains mining investment in the Kingdom and its implementing regulations and application forms, reports, and maps of the sites mineralized and reserved to invest mining, publications and media releases of metals and mining licenses and their system of materials, so that it is in the capacity of any investor inside or outside the Kingdom to continue with the Deputy Ministry for Mineral Resources through this site.

And based on the principle of serving investors and easing it no proxy modules and devices provide the requirements and needs of investors with ease as well as a library containing all the geological and mining reporting permanent exhibition of mining activities, all of which are available to investors.

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