Multicom Resources is developing two Queensland mining projects focused on  vanadium. Multicom evolved from the discovery of a large scale oil shale resource  across the three exploration permits now known as the Yappar Project. Analysis  of the mineral content of the oil shale revealed significant amounts of vanadium,  molybdenum and alumina.

With global interest in vanadium increasing, Multicom Resources has been able  to establish strategic partnerships with international institutions and technology specialists looking to exploit vanadium’s unique properties, high demand and short  supply. Multicom Resources made a corporate decision to re-focus in the short to  medium term on a pure-play vanadium project. As a result the Saint Elmo project  was secured and is currently being rapidly developed, with an Environmental  Impact Statement being prepared and a Mining Lease application submitted. Multicom is also progressing a Pre-feasibility Study for the Saint Elmo Project.

In addition to our mining project, Multicom Resources has entered into a ground  breaking binding agreement with New York based StorEn Technologies. This  agreement involving Multicom Resource’s wholly owned subsidiary, Freedom  Energy Pty Ltd, will form a global platform to establish a vertically integrated  supply chain model for the low cost manufacturing, sale and distribution of  StorEn proprietary Vanadium Flow Batteries (VFB’s). Target markets for the  StorEn VFB’s are residential, telecommunications and industrial applications.

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Board of Directors:

  • Shaun McCarthy – Chief Executive Officer
  • Nathan Cammerman – Executive Director

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