My Potentia Pty Ltd is the owner and developer of My Potentia, a digital LANGUAGE FREE and CULTURALLY FAIR assessment of cognitive potential. MY Potentia and the non-digital version, the Q Test, have been used successfully in Australia and Southeast Asia since 2004.

Real Serious Games and ValueEdge Consulting are now the Primary Distributors of this proven assessment instrument. Real Serious Games, a leading-edge Information Technology Development Company, was responsible for developing the digital version, My Potentia, from the Q Test. ValueEdge Consulting, the owner of the Q Test, provided the psychological expertise to support that development and continues to provide ongoing psychological support to clients using the assessments.

Assessing Reasoning Ability using valid psychometric tests is recognised as best practice in

  • Selection processes for a wide range of occupational roles within the workforce
  • Staff development to identify potential for promotion to senior roles
  • Career planning for those entering or re-entering the workforce

Currently the areas of Government, Industry, Commerce and Education use language based reasoning ability tests that unfairly discriminate against candidates whose primary language is not English.
The Chief of the Seven Suku Tribes in Papua recognised this problem, challenging us and company management when the company suggested that it would use psychological tests in Indonesian to place their people in appropriate training programs.

“Pak, the tests are not fair, they are in Bahasa Indonesian and my people do not speak Indonesian. The tests are for educated people and my people are village people. Please go and get a good test.”
In Australia, “…We are home to the world’s oldest continuous cultures, as well as Australians who identify with more than 270 ancestries.” (Australian Human Rights Commission).
Perhaps it is time for us to ensure our assessments of reasoning ability are based only on a person’s ability to learn and apply reasoning skills and not on their proficiency with language or on their level of education.

If we are serious about increasing diversity and treating people fairly in our workforce we must address this issue.
Both companies are here at IMARC to share this new frontier in fair and accurate assessment.

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