OREAS® Reference Materials has been producing gold, PGE, base metal and litho-geochem standards for the mining and analytical industries since 1988. These include both the OREAS® range of commercially available CRMs and matrix-matched CRMs for numerous projects and operations worldwide.

OREAS® CRMs provide quality assurance to your database by mitigating the risk of bad data passing undetected. They have the advantage over synthetic CRMs in that they are made from naturally occurring ore and waste materials that can include gold occluded in silicates and key metals hosted in refractory minerals. During sample fusion and digestion the CRM will behave the same as your field samples. Unlike synthetically derived CRMs, OREAS® CRMs ensure the integrity of the analytical process and provide unrivalled confidence in your assay data.

Over the years OREAS® has pioneered a number of technological advances that have enabled the production of CRMs from ore deposits to an unparalleled level of homogeneity. OREAS® standards were ranked the most homogeneous among five CRM manufacturers in a study published in the December 2015 edition of the EXPLORE Newsletter for geochemists.

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