Phibion Pty Ltd (previously known as Residue Solutions Pty Ltd) is a global leader in specialised dewatering technology in mineral processing and land reclamation. Using our unique and innovative technology we provide process engineering solutions to civil engineering problems, delivering sustainable outcomes.

An average there is at least one major tailings dam failure every year somewhere in the world. These events inevitably lead to loss of human life, massive economic loss and extensive and long-lasting environmental impacts. A common factor in nearly all of these events is the failure to manage the residual water remaining in the tailings profile.

Company founders of Phibion Pty Ltd invented Accelerated Mechanical Consolidation (AMC) as a means to dewater mineral tailings and dredge material. AMC dewaters materials, reducing their volume and operational footprint thus providing more recurring economic, environmental and social value compared to any competing technology. AMC is now used in over 8 commodities across Australia and around the world. This process utilises the MudMaster® as the optimal machine that can provide this service as a safe, cost-effective and scalable solution for any operation.

The MudMaster® is a customised Archimedes Screw Tractor dedicated to the Mud Farming® process. These machines are designed, engineered, fabricated in Brisbane, Australia. Through innovative and modular design, the MudMaster® can be customised to the specific properties of the materials requiring dewatering. This ensures maximum operational efficiency and dewatering effectiveness is achieved under all conditions, delivering a safe, cost-effective and scalable solution.

Phibion is in the business of selling certainty. By using AMC and the MudMaster® Phibion can dewater a tailings stream predictably and to a level that minimises operational, environmental and financial risk.

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