About Pinpoint

Pinpoint Communications is a technology developer specialised in Telematics, GPS tracking and reporting. Our cloud based solution ‘Advanced Vehicle Manager’ (AVM) provides your organisation with a transparent workplace for your mobile assets, vehicles and people.

Our customers use the AVM system to provide accurate real time location information, exception reporting and powerful reports to help you measure and manage your mobile workforce. Pinpoint AVM is an invaluable tool that removes the guess work when verifying staff time sheets, client proof of service, driver behaviour and location.

Customers who deploy the AVM system will experience an immediate boost in productivity with sustained cost savings by measuring and managing driver behaviour, improved customer service and ultimately a safer work place for your mobile workforce.

Safety innovation – Mine Site collision avoidance system.

There is no doubt that safety is the number one concern for any mine operator and its employees, and Pinpoint is an innovative, experienced business partner when it comes to ensuring safety while managing assets to drive profitability.

Collision Avoidance and Proximity System (CAPS) is a scalable, integrated solution which comprises three components. The solution is designed to prevent vehicle/vehicle, pedestrian/vehicle and vehicle/static equipment collisions. Global positioning system (GPS) and radio frequency (RF) signals broadcast the vehicle’s position and receive the position of other units and pedestrians using the system within communication range. When a vehicle or pedestrian is detected within the specified safe operation zone limit, position updates are received on a second by second basis, the override mechanism then retards the vehicle’s movement and the pedestrian is alerted through a safety vest mechanism.

All units within range of one another are displayed as icons on the in-vehicle colour display terminal, indicating their distance and heading. When the vehicle is within the pre-set danger zone limit of another vehicle, pedestrian or static object, a warning is sounded on an in-cab buzzer, which the driver has to acknowledge within a pre-set time period. Should the driver fail to acknowledge this warning in time, the vehicle automatically retards to a safe speed, whereafter brakes are automatically applied.

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