Established in 2009, Portable Analytical Solutions delivers comprehensive knowledge and support across an extensive range of instruments and applications.

Applications in Precious Metals, Industry, Mining, Exploration, Defense, Environment, Consumer, Medical and Research sectors. Our expert team draws on more than 20 years of experience in the development, sales and support of sophisticated analytical instrumentation for commercial and scientific purposes.

Working with XRF, NIR, LIBS, Hyperspectral and FTIR technologies, and with experience in the development of analytical solutions, PAS has an intimate knowledge of the specific product to suit what you need to do.

The PAS team constantly seeks out the best solutions and innovative technologies to meet the diverse needs of our loyal customers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We get real satisfaction out of finding the precise solution for your specific application which may be quite different to that of another user of the same product, in the same industry. There is no one-size-fits-all answer in this constantly-changing market so you need to be dealing with the best.

Niton XL5 – Trusted, light-weight, high-performance XRF for elemental analysis in Mining – only from PAS

Headwall Airborne Hyperspectral Sensors – full range VNIR-SWIR – only from PAS

Terraspec HALO – the only full-range hand-held NIR Mineral Analyser – only from PAS

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