Red Marble is a Melbourne based technology and consulting company specialising in Artificial Intelligence.

Technologies powered by AI and machine learning have started transforming industries and bring tremendous benefits to many organisations.
We are currently working with clients across Australia in a range of industries including mining, higher education, technical, financial services and travel.

Our consulting to date has included development of AI strategies, identifying business value opportunities through AI as well as solving client problems using machine learning, deep learning, computer vision or conversation based interfaces.

Within Mining, our clients want to increase tool time for their workers, increase supervisor time, reduce data administration and improve safety. We have developed extensible and configurable AI products to improve field worker productivity and safety using computer vision, natural language and machine learning

  • A rapidly deployable conversational interface to simplify how people access data and perform tasks.
  • A voice based, hands free application for a head mounted wearable device to improve field worker safety and effectiveness.

For our clients, AI is helping to make day to day tasks easier and safer, make decisions more informed and save people time across many situations

Red Marble AI will be showcasing their latest innovations and services on the exhibition floor at the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC). Register your free expo pass now.