RedEye Apps was founded in Brisbane, Australia in 2012 by Wayne Gerard and Randall Makin. RedEye’s purpose is to reinvent the way people work by offering digital engineering solutions for companies that own and operate critical infrastructure. RedEye has developed the following cloud and mobile based Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for asset and work management.

RedEyeDMS launched in June 2012 and is the only purpose built, cloud and mobile based solution for managing “As-Built” data (engineering drawings and associated documents) for large asset owners. RedEyeDMS gives asset owners control over their intellectual property and their assets. Users from both the asset owner’s organisation and third party engineering and maintenance companies are invited into RedEyeDMS to find, use, markup, back draft, review, approve and manage the asset owner’s “As-Built” plans and information. RedEyeDMS is purpose built for and only sold to organisation that own and operate critical infrastructure, such as water and power utilities, state and federal governments, mining and resources companies, hospitals, transport providers and telecommunications networks. RedEyeDMS can be integrated into an organisation’s core enterprise software.

RedEyeWFM launched in July 2016 and is a unique cloud and mobile based collaborative work management platform for large infrastructure owners, operators and their service providers. RedEyeWFM is extending the enterprise value chain into a common mobile application with real time collaboration, gamification and analytics. The easy to use template builder means any audit, inspection, work order or work request can be configured in RedEyeWFM. Users from both the asset owner’s organisation and third party service providers are invited into RedEyeWFM to plan, schedule, execute, review, approve and manage work. The platform enables real time and historical insight into every job executed for or by a RedEyeWFM client organisation and user. RedEyeWFM can be integrated with RedEyeDMS ensuring users have access to the latest “As-Built” plans, schematics and documentation, reducing safety risks and improving staff and service provider efficiency.

Both solutions offer a unique client and user experience and are purpose built to reduce operating cost and risk, while improving safety, productivity and performance. RedEye clients typically achieve a return on investment within 12 months and significant ongoing savings.

Mobility, real time collaboration, configurable workflows, rich analytics and a single source of the truth make both RedEye solutions uniquely valuable in our target markets.

RedEye has developed a strong reputation and secured tier one clients supporting critical infrastructure across:

  • Water
  • Power
  • Transport
  • Healthcare
  • Resources
  • Government

In January 2017, RedEye established its US headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada and commenced work with Southern Nevada Water Authority / Las Vegas Valley Water District to deploy RedEyeDMS. RedEye currently employs people between its Brisbane, Nevada and Manilla offices and is widely recognised as one of Australia’s fastest growing and most successful tech startups.

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