Scania launched the world’s safest truck in Australia in March, with off-road mining and construction-oriented trucks now available.

Scania is Australia’s only original equipment truck supplier with a dedicated Mining and Resources Division (based in WA and QLD), headed by experts in the field.

Globally, Scania is a trusted transport partner of the mining and resources industry, providing general duties and service vehicles as well as bulk transport production vehicles to operators in extreme climates around the world.

Scania’s Australian Mining and Resources Division has become a significant supplier of vehicles and services to mining operators large and small over the past decade, with dedicated resources and technicians, provided on-site where necessary, to support uptime and availability.

The Scania New Truck Generation XT range can now be ordered, bringing an enhanced ride height, protruding steel bumper designed to take hard knocks, as well as lighting protection grilles and mine-friendly steps to allow easy and safe access to the cab.

A range of cab sizes and engines and chassis configurations can be tailored exactly to operators’ needs. At iMARC, Scania is displaying a G 410 B8X4HZ Euro 5 compliant vehicle, complete with all mining-industry related XT refinements.

The standard fitment of side curtain rollover airbags inserted above each door inside the cabin provides significant protection for occupants in the event of a rollover, leading to the ‘world’s safest truck’ claim.

Scania also provides a host of other safety features which may be useful on-road as well as off-road, such as electronic stability control. Scania trucks may be driven on-road, so are simple to relocate from site-to-site, saving considerable time and expense.

The Scania XT range has been designed for tough off-road conditions and has been tested in adverse conditions around the world as well as within Scania’s own cutting-edge climatic chamber in Sweden. This can simulate the harshest heat and most frigid cold.

Dust sealing is also extremely competent, along with cabin air purification and climatic conditioning, ensuring a workplace that is comfortable and reduces fatigue for drivers.
With the all-new design of the cab, the driver’s seat has been moved closer to the windscreen and the door, allowing far better visibility, vital in off-road conditions. The A-pillars and mirrors have also been redesigned, reducing potential blind spots.

An entirely new dashboard layout groups controls logically and close to the driver, with plenty of space for body control switchgear to be added. The body electrics are designed to accept and integrate many vocational systems including additional sensors and cameras, in the pursuit of greater workplace safety.

The Scania Communicator on-board vehicle and driver data collection system gives operators fuel insights into how efficiently the vehicles are being driven within pre-determined parameters.

Scania not only produces a vehicle range that is safe, quiet, frugal and durable, but also offers operators and their drivers’ familiarity training courses to ensure the vehicles are driven in the correct, safest and most sympathetic manner, to reduce wear and tear.

Scania is also dedicated to providing a system of solutions for operators that runs from the Scania Finance Australia array of funding and insurance products, to Scania Maintenance with Flexible Plans that provide for tailored ownership maintenance contracts, to ensure vehicles remain in tip-top condition and deliver enhanced uptime and availability.

“The new Scania XT range has been designed with mining operators in mind and with its new features, enhanced safety, comfort, and durability, we have the perfect vehicle for any application,” said Robert Taylor, General Manager, Scania Australia Mining Services.

Find out more at or contact the Scania Mining and Resources Division on 08 9360 8500.

Scania Australia will showcase their latest equipment and products on the IMARC exhibition floor. Register your complimentary expo pass here.