Scantech is the Australian-based global leader in the development and supply of real time analysis technologies for conveyed materials in the minerals sector. Scantech analysers measure through the conveyed flows continuously to provide representative measurement of quality over short increments and specialise in elemental analysis for bulk ore diversion and blending control.

The COALSCAN range of ash, moisture and elemental analysers has been a global standard for over 30 years. The GEOSCAN range has successfully applied the proven PGNAA technology to cement and minerals industries. The GEOSCAN-M is the highest specification system of its type available in the market and provides robustness with non-contact patented design for safe, reliable, accurate and low maintenance multi-elemental analysis of conveyed flows over increments as low as 30 seconds. The advanced electronics and multiple BGO detector configuration overcomes traditional limitations on spectral measurement to ensure maximum sensing capability.

With over 35 years experience and well over 1,000 units installed in 55 countries Scantech is able to provide many references sites from a broad range of applications of various proven measurement systems. Paybacks for most systems are achieved in weeks. Scantech’s expert Marketing staff and Service Engineers provide sound advice and consultative support to advise on technology suitability, selection and ongoing performance optimisation.

Scantech can provide installation support through to turnkey projects. Scantech analysers have proven to perform in the most demanding environments and conditions. R&D scientists are continuously improving performance and calibration processes to provide customers with increasing quality control capability over the life of their analysers.

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