Terrex Seismic is a leading technology-focused seismic solutions provider delivering innovative 2D & 3D seismic data acquisition services to all industry leaders in Australia across the oil & gas, minerals, coal and research sectors. The purpose of 2D, 3D and 4D Reflection Seismic is to map complex structuring and stratigraphy of geology in the subsurface. We have been operating for 37 years’ and successfully completed over 1,250 onshore seismic surveys providing de-risked, safe and successful exploration projects. Operator costs and risks are greatly reduced by contracting service providers that have a proven track record and experience, we have built and maintained our business on our performance.

We offer a range of geophysical and integrated services integral to providing successful exploration of conventional and unconventional oil and gas, coal, minerals and government research industries. Our highly experienced team is equipped to project manage the entire process from initial geophysical survey design, modelling, field scouting and planning, spatial positioning, line preparation, bridging, QC in-field data processing, data acquisition, line restoration and final data processing and interpretation.

Terrex has developed unique acquisition methodologies and innovative processes to ensure the high possible data quality is acquired within each project’s chosen parameters. Terrex delivers seismic solutions for safe and efficient acquisition, whilst minimising environmental impact and expanded exploration opportunities through increased accessibility for cost effective seismic data acquisition using the latest in seismic technology. Terrex offer the latest in seismic receiver technology, up to 28,000+ channels of SmartSolo nodal recording system and the biggest fleet of 4×4 articulated and 6×6 truck mount vibrator units in Australia.

Our commitment to onshore exploration is further demonstrated with the availability of four strategically positioned self-contained mobile camps with up to 60+ person capacity each located in Eastern, Central and Western Australia. Fully mobile, trailer-based units decrease mobilisation and set-up time, allowing for more efficient operations and a lighter environmental footprint. Each camp contains offices, recreation rooms and shared trailer accommodation suitable for the harshest desert conditions. Terrex remote mobile camps are also equipment with satellite communications and broadband internet for additional safety, communications and reporting.

Terrex Seismic will showcase their latest products, services and innovations on the IMARC exhibition floor. Register your complimentary expo pass here.