TOMRA specialises in the sorting or pre-concentration of ore.

TOMRA has a range of highly advanced and automated sorting machines that utilise a number of different sensor technologies such as laser, x-ray, infra-red, electromagnetic and colour that are able to sort ore before entering a processing stream.

This sorting process eliminates the waste material or barren material before it enters into your beneficiation circuit. This in turn opens up additional processing capacity, reduces and often eliminates water consumption, equipment wear and dramatically reduces overall plant energy consumption whilst upgrading your ore before processing.

TOMRA technology replaces conventional ore separation techniques such as DMS, HMS or air jigging more accurately and cost effectively.

The process is dry, free of chemicals, has a small physical footprint and is simple to operate.

TOMRA sorting will showcase their latest innovations, services and technologies on the IMARC exhibition floor. Register your complimentary expo pass here.