Maximising Payload Opportunities is the driving focus of the Transcale operation. Established in 1990, Transcale’s products and services have enabled their clients to increase payload opportunities by up to 20% whilst reducing operating costs and increasing tyre life.

Proudly manufactured in Australia, Transcale has over 300 systems located across 30 countries globally. The focus of Transcale’s business is open cut and underground mining with a product range consisting of Scale Systems ranging from 20- 800 tonne capacity, Volumetric Scanning Systems, Application Payload Studies, Field and Calibration Services.

In 2005, Transcale designed and released the Transcale Volumetric Scanning System (TVS) into the market as a complementary product to their existing scale system and application study product offering.

TVS essentially completes the Payload Management data cycle with the addition of real time volume and loose material density data. The inclusion of volume/ density data has assisted Transcale and their clients implement key initiatives to achieve further payload increases and efficiencies. Such initiatives include, best practice modelling to assist loader operator training, new and body modification initiatives, carry back monitoring and loading tool/ body matching.

Application Payload Studies have a vital role in Transcale’s core business with assets strategically located in various market areas around the globe, Central QLD, Pilbra WA, Hunter Valley NSW, Salt Lake City USA and Panama.

The application studies provide our clients the opportunity to conduct short term studies focusing on key payload initiatives without the requirement for capital purchase approvals and to conduct the studies internally.

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