The Liebherr Group

Founded in 1949 by Dr. Hans Liebherr, the family-owned Liebherr Group operates in over 50 countries, employing more than 41,000 people. The decentralised group is divided into 11 independently operated business units, offering a diverse product range from aircraft parts to refrigerators, mixing technologies to mining equipment. For more than 60 years, Liebherr’s products and services have been broad and sophisticated; its design and technology is oriented toward the practical.

Liebherr in Australia

From Liebherr’s first presence in Australia in 1970, to incorporation in 1981, Liebherr-Australia currently comprises five divisions: Mining, Earthmoving, Mobile Cranes, Crawler Cranes, and Maritime Cranes, sold and supported by eleven branches in Australia and three in New Zealand. Liebherr’s commitment to customer support in both Australia and New Zealand is unwavering; major expansion projects undertaken in the last five years provide Liebherr-Australia with the resources necessary to support the industry.

Commitment to Mining Excellence

Each mine faces unique challenges, so Liebherr partners with industry to create products and services to meet the challenges faced by miners worldwide.

Liebherr’s vertical integration philosophy provides a unique ability to provide customisation at component-level. We design and build components that meet the needs of our partners, delivering optimal availability, longer service intervals and superior productivity, in the most challenging environments.

With decades of manufacturing experience and a range of proven products, Liebherr utilises cutting-edge technology to preserve our reputation as a reliable and innovative mining solutions provider. Liebherr mining solutions deliver unrivalled performance, directly translating into a lower cost per tonne option for our partners.

Precise control through our patented Litronic Plus system ensures power distribution is maximised and optimised at every stage of the operational cycle. Engine and drive systems operate in complete harmony to improve fuel economy without sacrificing productivity.

Integrated equipment monitoring deliver real time data and on-board alerts to operators and service personnel. The system enables rapid analysis, diagnosis and troubleshooting of machines issues to deliver clear, documented guides for corrective action: resulting in high availability and faster recovery.

All of our mining equipment is purposely designed and built to reduce risk, with a dedicated focus on Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (DFMEA) during all phases of equipment design.

Maintenance features in the design process; easy machine and component access, anti-slip surfaces and advanced fire suppression systems all integrated into the machines. Liebherr’s proven sound attenuation solutions reduce noise for both the owner and their communities.

Our mining equipment balances excellent performance with environmental consciousness through the efficient use of energy. Fuel economy, emission regulation compliance, extended service intervals, as well as increasing component lives work together to both protect the environment and reduce customer costs.

Liebherr’s position as a respected leader in the global mining industry is the direct result of dynamic and collaborative partnerships. These partnerships drive us to focus on total cost of ownership from design to rebuild, and every step along the way. Innovative and forward-thinking philosophies make purchasing Liebherr mining equipment a cost-effective, safe procurement decision.

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