Originally founded in 1872 as one of Alfred Nobel´s early companies, MAXAM manufactures a full line of explosives products, including initiation systems, packaged products, and bulk products, as well as offers a multitude of blasting related solutions; most linked to its proprietary RIOBLAST software.

MAXAM operates facilities in 45 countries, and supplies customers in more than 100 countries with nearly 6,500 employees.

MAXAM’s initiation systems feature many advanced products, from seismic, electronic, and non-electric detonators, to traditional goods, such as detonating cord and electric detonators.

The company is constantly reassessing and re-evaluating its products to ensure their clients can benefit from some of the safest, most reliable and convenient offerings on the market.

MAXAM manufactures a full line of initiation systems, which includes safety fuse, RIOCORD detonating cord, RIODET electric detonators, RIOTRONIC electronic detonators, and RIONEL non-electric detonators.

In addition, MAXAM´s packaged explosives are designed to offer the best solutions in a global range of customer´s necessities. These include dynamites, emulsion and watergel products.

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