Founded in 1979, Modular Mining Systems, Inc. developed and brought to market the DISPATCH® Fleet Management system (FMS). With configurable hardware and software, this groundbreaking technology optimized the assignment of trucks to loading and dumping points in an open-pit mine and produced operating reports during the shift. Using this early success as a springboard for further innovation, Modular went on to develop the IntelliMine® Mine Management platform.

The DISPATCH, ProVision®, MineCare®, and MineAlert solutions comprise the IntelliMine platform, addressing the big picture areas of operations, planning, maintenance, and safety. Powerful reporting and maintenance management tools integrate seamlessly and provide mines with the tools they need to carefully manage operations at all times. With more than 250 deployments worldwide, IntelliMine is the mining industry’s solution of choice.


The DISPATCH Open-pit FMS, Modular’s groundbreaking flagship product, has more than 35 years of field-proven acceptance for its proprietary optimization algorithm. Considered an industry standard for mine management, the DISPATCH system is deployed at 18 of the 20 largest mines in the world.

The DISPATCH Underground FMS is designed to address the unique challenges of the underground mining environment. The DISPATCH Underground system automates all development and production workflows and processes and supports all common underground mining methodologies.

The ProVision Machine Guidance system utilizes high-precision GPS to provide continuous navigation and guidance to equipment operators, increasing productivity and facilitating the realization of planned targets and tasks. ProVision solutions are available for shovels, loaders, backhoes, drills, and dozers.

The MineCare Maintenance Management system helps mines increase fleet uptime and availability, and reduce mobile equipment lifecycle costs through the pro-active, real-time monitoring of asset health and maintenance processes. Through the use of cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) technologies, the MineCare solution streamlines upgrades, expansion, and support. Centralized management capability provides a simplified approach to the monitoring, managing, and cost-reduction efforts of system operations.

The MineAlert Collision Awareness system (CAS) monitors and notifies operators of potential vehicle-to-vehicle collisions based on intelligent path-prediction algorithms, helping to increase operator awareness and prevent equipment damage. The system addresses more than 100 of the most common vehicle collision scenarios, including forward path, take-off, speed limit violations, overtaking, and intersections through the use of a redundant, multi-layered sensing approach that utilizes ranging sensors and GPS receivers. These technologies work together to determine a vehicle’s collision risk based on the travel speed, instantaneous direction, predicted path, and other factors.

The MasterLink® Wireless Network delivers the fastest high-quality, low-maintenance communications possible for open-pit mining operations. From initial site assessments to long-term design, installation, monitoring, auditing and optimization packages; Modular is committed to helping mines achieve and maintain maximum performance.

The Customer Value Division helps customers improve their mining and maintenance operations by applying lean process improvement techniques combined with change management. Performance Assurance consulting focuses on four key areas: improving overall business performance, increasing mining and maintenance productivity, complementing Modular product implementations, and assisting the mine’s IT department with system integration.

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