The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment brings together specialists in urban and regional planning, natural resources, industry, environment, heritage, Aboriginal and social housing, and regional New South Wales.

Serving the people of New South Wales by developing well-connected communities, preserving our environment, supporting our industries and contributing to a strong economy.

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment cluster is responsible for delivering:
• a strong and liveable New South Wales
• maximum community benefit from government land and property
• resilient and sustainable environment and energy
• sustainable and productive regional industries and communities
• sustainable and secure water resources.

The department’s operations have been structured to help us achieve these outcomes for the people of New South Wales. We have teams across the State working on the long-term planning, planning assessments, infrastructure priorities, natural resources, the environment, energy and growing the State’s industries.

Regions, Industry, Agriculture and Resources leads policy development and program delivery to support local communities, build strong primary industries, activate regional economies and business development opportunities, manage our natural resources, and grow investment in NSW. The Group has a key focus on delivering the NSW Government’s commitment to regional NSW.
Amongst these is the Division of Resources and Geoscience which manages access to the mineral and petroleum resources, making sure they’re sustainably developed to maximise export opportunities.

Some of the more recent work has been the release of the new Statewide Seamless Geology map, one of the most complex geodata sets ever compiled and released worldwide.

For more information please feel free to chat to one of our representatives at our stall or through our online channels, or 1300 736 122 or visit our webpage for a range of online resources such as;
• Common Ground webpage with the public in mind which provides clear explanations of mining and production titles with an interactive map displaying their locations across the state.
• MinView map viewer was developed with industry in mind and allows users to interactively display and overlay titles, exploration data and geoscience information for NSW in an interactive web map.
• 3D geological model viewer which enables user to view All NSW 3D geological models online without any data download.
• Digital Imaging of Geological System (DIGS®) is a document database for exploration and geoscience information allowing the previewing and downloading of all non-confidential reports.
• Geoscientific Data Warehouse makes available point related geoscientific data for download in CSV or GIS formats and/or viewing in Google Earth.
• NSW Geology Phone Maps providing more than 360 offline geology maps and geophysics images.

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