Outotec provides leading technologies and services for the sustainable use of Earth’s natural resources.  As the global leader in minerals and metals processing technology, we have developed many breakthrough technologies over the decades for our customers in the metals and mining industry.  Outotec’s comprehensive offering creates the best value for our customers in the mining, metal, energy, and chemical industries. Outotec shares are listed on NASDAQ Helsinki.

With over 4,000 top industry experts, our role is to build, maintain and even run entire operations literally from the ground up.  With over 100 years in the mining industry, our roots provide us with a solid basis for the understanding of the mining value chain.  We help our customers develop safe, truly high performance, low cost and sustainable solutions.

We are deeply committed to sustainability. This means helping our customers create the smartest value from natural resources and working with them to find the most sustainable solutions for handling the full value chain from ore to metals including water management, energy recovery as well as waste and side streams.

Digitalization is at the heart of our operations. We are redefining plants of the future, working closely with our customers, by refining data today.  These redefined plants of the future are based on the capability to measure, predict, and optimize entire processes.  With intelligent services, applications and equipment we improve safety, predictability and performance of our customers’ assets.

Minerals Processing

We offer sustainable mineral processing solutions, from techno-economic studies to complete plants and life-cycle services. Our comprehensive offering makes the efficient and profitable treatment of virtually all ore types possible. With more than a century of experience, we have the heritage as well as the established R&D resources to continuously improve and develop sustainable technologies in-house.

We design and deliver state-of-the-art mineral processing equipment, optimized processes, including intelligent automation and control systems, as well as complete plants. Fast and reliable ramp-up, combined with long-term operation and maintenance services, ensure that customers receive the best return on their investments.

Metals, Energy & Water

We provide sustainable solutions for metals processing, renewable energy production and industrial water treatment.

Outotec possesses over a century of experience in developing technologies at our in-house R&D centers. This has resulted in an extensive range of solutions for processing virtually all types of ores and concentrates to refined metals. We have also strong expertise in sulfuric acid processing for metallurgical plants and elemental sulfur. Our services and solutions range from prefeasibility studies to complete plants with life-cycle services.

We also offer technologies and services for renewable and conventional energy production. Our combustion and gasification technologies utilize various fuels such as biomass, coal, sludge, agricultural and industrial by-products as well as sorted waste. In addition, we offer solutions for oil winning from oil shale and sustainable phosphorus recycling from sewage sludge ashes.

With a long tradition of applying water treatment processes for mines and metallurgical plants, we offer efficient and sustainable solutions for the treatment of industrial process and waste waters. Our solutions produce water that meets environmental discharge standards, maximize water recycling, and reduce water and energy consumption.


Our services ensure that customers get the best value from their assets and operations over their life cycle. Our services range from supplying an individual spare part to comprehensive solutions covering maintenance and operations.

Outotec will showcase their latest technologies, services and innovative solutions on the exhibition floor – we look forward to welcoming you there! Outotec are proud Silver Sponsors of the International Mining and Resources Conference. Claim your free expo pass.