A Pragmatic Industry Collaboration between Snowden, Downer and Microsoft

The latest industry collaboration is set to deliver pragmatic Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to mining customers around the world.  The combined knowledge brought to the table by Snowden, Downer and Microsoft delivers solutions that integrate the collaboration’s expertise in mining, technology and software.  These solutions address real world mining challenges harnessing the power of advanced and emerging technologies.

The collaboration grew from the group’s mutual understanding of the importance of innovation.  Its combined experience in the mining industry provides a strong understanding of the tried and true methods that produce optimal results, and the benefit in using cutting edge technology to deliver clients with true business value.

The collaboration’s aim is to provide exactly what our clients need.  Not novel in that approach, but distinct in that it starts small in developing real actionable outcomes that we know will make the biggest difference.  We then bring the collaboration’s depth of capability, technology and experience to the problem, applying our modern approach successfully and cost-effectively to traditional problems.

Our unique collaboration allows us to offer a full end-to-end solution comprising equipment, experience and technology to our clients.  They can realise the value of their projects without the need to liaise with multiple partners, possibly exposing legacy bottlenecks in the process.  Our collaboration breaks down the silos, working together to provide innovative solutions in a way that ensures maximum return on investment.

The Snowden, Downer and Microsoft collaboration will deliver significant business value to the mining industry.  It harnesses years of experience in our groups, backed by a technology powerhouse with a proven track record of delivering solutions to the global mining industry.

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