Through the Melbourne Mining Integrator (MMI), The University of Melbourne works with explorers, miners and mining equipment, technology and service (METS) providers tackling the sector’s most challenging problems.

The MMI assembles multidisciplinary teams from across the University to leverage our extensive knowledge of the mining industry, integrating new perspectives and different approaches more commonly applied in other industries such as defence, manufacturing, finance, computer science and software engineering.

Our considerable expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence, data analytics, social trends, environmental management, logistics and financial assessment are already being applied within the mining industry. Working closely with our partners, we provide end-to-end solutions – from shaping technological problems, analysing solutions via simulation, through to testing prototypes in the field.

Through the MMI we are uniquely positioned to provide an integrated view of the mining value chain and also harness the unique capabilities across Australia’s most successful universities.

NEXT GENERATION DIGITAL MINING: Mine sites are increasingly moving to remote and autonomous operation with remote sensing, robotics and autonomous infrastructure.  This program is developing and deploying new techniques from machine learning and artificial intelligence for analysing the large volumes of data, and for analysing and improving mine operations.

MINE PLANNING AND AGILE LOGISTICS: This research is deploying new techniques that optimise operations in mining supply chains. Our approaches cover different mining timeframes across the supply chain, from mine design to decisions made over short, medium, and long-term horizons.

PROCESS PRODUCTIVITY: Works to optimise the productivity of current assets and develops and deploys new technologies for the extraction of metals from their ores. Advanced processing techniques have the potential to significantly improve the efficiency of mining operations. The use of column arrangements in place of mixer-settlers in solvent extraction processes reduces capital costs and land and operational requirements, while increasing plant throughput.

The University of Melbourne will be presenting in the Technology stream at the International Mining and Resources Conference. Download the programme.