AMIRA International is an independent global member-based organisation of mining and supplier companies, created to develop, broker, facilitate and manage collaborative research projects.

AMIRA’s principal responsibility is to provide solutions to our member’s business challenges by building consortia whose individual members will direct and co-fund the scientific research and engineering developments that will create the solutions for their commercial benefit. An important spinoff from this activity is to nurture and sustain regional research capacity and infrastructure.

AMIRA International is the vehicle through which members can leverage their R&D budgets to address common business challenges without compromising the proprietary research on which their competitiveness depends.

The business is focused on helping our members improve their businesses by:

  • Forming consortia of peers that are prepared to collaborate on a particular problem defined by a member(s) and finding and engaging the right people / organisations to deliver the solution
  • Identifying and engaging the top researchers or technology providers that can solve a problem specific to a member. This may include seeking a non-competitor(s) who can share in funding the development of the solution. We can broker and facilitate the process and manage the project as required.
  • Offering Technology scouting services: Identifying existing solutions to important business issues that a member may have.

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