CEEC (Coalition for Energy Efficient Comminution)  helps equip mining and METS staff with free tools and enhanced knowledge so you can maximise value. We bring people together – connecting miners with the right equipment and technology solutions and innovative researchers, so you know your options now and in the future.

CEEC has led interactive international workshops to catalyse collaborative improvement and innovation, from the mine face to product. A not-for-profit established by the mining industry, for the mining industry, CEEC provides free tools, free information, and low-cost workshops.

Led by seasoned industry experts, and strongly supported by a global network, we help drive efficient mining, processing and energy approaches, for the benefit of the global mining industry.

We aim to integrate smart mining and mineral processing, with a focus on a central pivot point to value: smart and energy efficient comminution. To optimise well, know where to adjust to enhance throughput and grade, and your best options to integrate and streamline and improve the process.

Join the energy conversation. Together, we can drive smart mining efficiency. Be informed, and work together to choose the right solutions in our mining operations, now and for the future.