QuickSafety: the All-in-one Compliance App Shaking up the Electrical IndustryAn electrical industry first, ground-breaking app which solves compliance issues in the electrical industry and reduces the risk surrounding non-compliance and testing has been released by Australian electrical inspections, testing, and compliance experts, QuickSafety.

QuickSafety aims to facilitate cost reductions, improve efficiency and provide transparency when it comes to complying with electrical standards. As Australia’s only certified AS/NZS3000 & AS/NZS3017 product for the electrical industry, the QuickSafety app is available for download on Google Play and the App Store now. The app is available to electricians, electrical contractors, commercial businesses, construction projects, mining sites and services, and government electrical regulators across Australia and New Zealand.

Keeping up with onsite electrical compliance is complicated and carries high legal exposure” said Kurt Alexander, founder and CEO of QuickSafety. “With the QuickSafety app, issues associated with compliance regulations are solved in one simple, easy-to-use app. Compliance testing results are available anytime, anywhere, and in one place.”

The QuickSafety app takes the guesswork out of compliance by providing complete real-time transparency and validation. Users now have access to all the Certificates of Compliance completed in the last mandated 5 – 7 years. Compliance documentation can be transferred via email to builders, construction sites, customers, or any other interested third-party. The app will facilitate users in pre-planning and logging jobs ahead of time, so they can then simply enter the test results when they are on site.

Businesses can lodge and track jobs for electricians and are notified in real-time when the necessary certificate is issued. Now, in a historical “first-of-its-kind”, analysis will enable them to pro-actively schedule replacement of cables and RCD’s, ahead of potential problems. Jobs can also be synced across multiple devices so entire teams can collaborate seamlessly.

The QuickSafety app, which can integrate with existing business management systems and syncs across devices, will put an end to messy paper trails and time wasted retrieving paperwork and chasing up documents. It will also eliminate the risk associated with storing paper-based Certificates of Compliance. As well as saving in excess of $370,000 per month in legal exposure, users can expect to reap the rewards associated with more efficient, time-saving processes, says Kurt, who has been associated with the electrical and electronics industry in both the USA and Australia for more than 38 years.

Secure storage, 24/7 access, and offline capability mean that the necessary documentation is stored for the mandated five years (Australia), or seven years in New Zealand. For total peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of when it comes to electrical compliance, download the app now or visit the QuickSafety website to find out more. The app is free for electricians to use and comes at a budget-friendly price of $1 per circuit for electrical contractors and users in the construction, mining, oil & gas industries, or government regulators.

“QuickSafety wants to make mandatory electrical compliance easy, reduce legal exposure and risk to nearly zero, and ensure safety is a priority for electricians,” concluded Kurt. “I am excited about what QuickSafety is doing and the positive impact it will have on the electrical industry across Australia and New Zealand, and eventually the world.” The experts at QuickSafety welcome feedback, questions, and queries on their new app or compliance issues in general, and electricians, business owners and members of the public are invited to get in touch.

Press Contact:
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Kurt Alexander (Founder / CEO)
Booking Request: https://calendly.com/k-alexander
Email: info@quicksafety.com.au
Phone: +61 0402 829 348
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About Quick Safety:
Quick Safety Solves compliance, risk and safety issues in the electrical industry.

Quick Safety is an RegTech IT and Software company that provides mobile apps for the Compliance Industries.

Compliance risk is becoming time consuming and carries high legal exposure.

Our first app is for the electrical industry. Kurt, founder and CEO, having spent over 38 years in the electrical/electronics industry, knows the burden that businesses face when it comes to compliance.

His aim is to make a world-class compliance platform that will provide complete transparency, alleviating the risk faced by all entities and provide direct messaging services to the people on the ground about issues that will affect their lives and industry.

Electrical compliance is a mandatory (under each State’s Electrical Safety Act) series of tests which must be completed at the end of every electrical job, no matter how big or how small.

Its regulations ensure:

  • The job has been completed correctly
  • Will not electrocute anyone
  • Will not start a fire
  • Will not cause damage to anything you plug into it

Quick Safety provides:

  • An easy-to-use mobile application
  • Real-time validation that every test the electrician does, meets the Industry Standards
  • A simple visual indicator if that job was completed correctly
  • A DIRECT communication gateway to the electricians in the field
  • A pro-active way to monitor circuit and RCD health

So that:

  • Time is saved
  • Risk is removed from everyone, from the electrical industry to its associated customers -anyone can tell if it is compliant or not
  • Personal safety and industry safety are given directly to those involved (Think Home Insulation Scheme deaths – 6, and Infinity Cable recall costs – >$140M)
  • Cables and CRD’s can be replaced BEFORE FAILURE, saving valuable running costs and efficiencies